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I need to use the value of one Select List to populate the value of a second select list, but the items in Select List number two are going to be from a completely different tables depending on what's selected in list number one.

Is there a way I can conditionally populate the second list based on the values from the first? So far, my attempts to put an if statement into an LOV declaration have been unsuccessful...

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The syntax to use an IF in an Apex LOV is like this:

  'SELECT ename d, empno r
   FROM emp';
  'SELECT dname d, deptno r
   FROM dept';
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I don't know if this is applicable in your case but I have used some APEX_ITEM functions in the past to build dynamic objects. You could look into APEX_ITEM.select_list_from_query for example to create a select list dynamicaly.

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