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This might be esoteric but here goes.

I'm developing a program in WPF for use on a multitouch screen. I'm using the Surface 2.0 SDK and trying to get the Toolkit to simulate inputs and run the stress test. However SurfaceStress.exe is throwing an error:

Error 0: Cannot get reference to virtual digitizer controller.

and Input Simulator is giving me a timeout error looking for the controller.

I've read up about it on MSDN

I know it can't run two controllers at the same time and it's not on a SUR40. It says "Tablet PC Settings" would only appear if the Input Simulator is running. But it's running anyway and its Setup button is grayed out. I don't have a touchscreen but I do have a Wacom Bamboo tablet connected. Has anyone else had interference between a tablet and Surface Input Simulator?

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It was in Device Manager. Bamboo touch drivers disabled the Virtual Digitizer Controller which was also listed as a device. Flip the switches and rode off into the sunset. good job, me! o/

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