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In the Django documentation, where is the definitive list of Meta options for django.forms.models.ModelForm? (e.g., model, exclude, fields, widgets) I'm looking for the equivalent of Model Meta Options.

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Thanks @catherine. I saw that page, but the ModelForm Meta options are scattered throughout the page, rather than being listed like the Meta options in the Model Meta Options page does. But maybe that's the only documentation for them that exists? –  Rob Bednark Mar 12 '13 at 6:49
Maybe we can request for that in Django –  catherine Mar 12 '13 at 6:57

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Had this question myself today. For completeness, here is the documentation that currently exists:


And an excerpt from django/forms/models.py:

class ModelFormOptions(object):
    def __init__(self, options=None):
        self.model = getattr(options, 'model', None)
        self.fields = getattr(options, 'fields', None)
        self.exclude = getattr(options, 'exclude', None)
        self.widgets = getattr(options, 'widgets', None)
        self.localized_fields = getattr(options, 'localized_fields', None)
        self.labels = getattr(options, 'labels', None)
        self.help_texts = getattr(options, 'help_texts', None)
        self.error_messages = getattr(options, 'error_messages', None)

From that list, I searched for each option on the docs page to find what I needed. Hope that helps someone.

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Note that labels, help_texts and error_messages were added in Django 1.6 –  Hamish Downer 2 days ago

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