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In the process of learning ruby (I have a java background).

I have assignment statements where the value of one hash[:name_field] is being assigned to another. But the value coming from the hash on the right was sometimes blank. This was crashing my code hence i added the ternary logic with .nil ? etc....

I am surprised though that this doesn't work... The error is :

undefined method `nil' for 1133:Fixnum (NoMethodError)

Below is the code:

people_traffic.each do |person|

  person_record = DaysTraffic.new 

  person_record[:name] = person[:name_filed].nil ? 0 : person[:name_filed]
  person_record[:age]  = person[:age_field].nil ? 0 :  person[:age_field]


Why am I getting the (NoMethodError) for the nil?

Thank you!

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It should be .nil? (with a question mark) not .nil. So in your case, that would be:

person_record[:name] = person[:name_filed].nil? ? 0 : person[:name_filed]

You can actually write this much simpler like so:

person_record[:name] = person[:name_filed] || 0
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Because #to_i turns nil into 0, a good way to write something like this is:

person_record[:age] = person[:age_field].to_i
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