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I need to create a model which contains a list. This is how far i got till now

    class Language(models.Model):
      name = models.TextField()
      def __str__(self):
      def __unicode(self):

    class Education(models.Model):
      mother_language = models.TextField()
      foreign_languages = models.ForeignKey(Language)
      def __str__(self):
         return self.mother_language # + ' ' + list_of_self.foreign_languages
      def __unicode__(self):
         return self.mother_language # + ' ' + list_of_self.foreign_languages

What I want is to write something like foreign_languages=['English', 'German'] and i want to be able to print it like above.

Can anyone help with this?

Thanks in advance! :)

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You should change the field type from ForeignKey to ManyToMany and then try something like:

', '.join(unicode(x) for x in self.foreign_languages.all())
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Thanks man, i didn't manage to do it earlier, this helped! :) – ssuljic Mar 19 '13 at 21:19

For that I am afraid you will need to override setaddr


You need to check on the property being set, basically do nothing in all the cases except for "language", where you will have to iterate over the list, add the missing languages in the model, and then add them to the class.

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