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Is there any out-of-the box solution that protects cf.net (3.5) software against reverse engineering and unlicensed redistribution (average hacker protection)? Any option of packer/native wrapper?

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We use Xenocode Postbuild for everything we need to obfuscate. Be aware that just about any obfuscation of your assembly will slow its execution.


PostBuild is no longer available, and in fact their license server went offline, so even if you had a licensed version, you can no longer use it (why couldn't you just release the source, people?). We've moved to LogicNP's Crypto Obfuscator which was fairly intuitive and still works just fine with Compact Framework assemblies.

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+1 for the slowness warning. –  Tom van Enckevort Oct 9 '09 at 9:36

All the above solutions will work for you but if you want something cost effective, you can try http://www.eziriz.com/ - .NET reactor. I have used the trial version and it is as effective as preemptive and remotesoft salamander but for a much lower cost - it is only $179 for a single developer license and $279 for a company license - more details here - http://www.eziriz.com/order.htm

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I use Eazfuscator.NET - it's free and it's good.

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