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Is there a way to get the ip-address of a client in Erlang for a tcp connection; based on the assumption that the client connects to the server?

I'm also wondering if its ever necessary to send particular packets to specific clients; as in the case where the server isn't broadcasting, but would I need the ip-address to send packets to a specific client or does the server simply use a reference (erlang:monitor) for each client?

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For the Address at the other end, inet:peername(Socket). However, if you want to handle each client in a TCP Conversation, once each client connects, usually, you would spawn separate erlang process to handle that, and then Transfer the Socket Ownership to the spawned process.

Then, within the receive loop, you would send and receive binary data to/from the client. Consider looking at this module: gen_tcp, in details. However, your question sounds like, you want to implement a Peer-to-peer system. In such systems, you would create agents within the software, with each agent capable of being a server or a client at any time. This is especially required when communication between the agents will be only on demand and that sessions/connections will not be created unless there is something to send. I probably should not go into that.

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