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I'm thinking of using bundling for my group's ASP.NET MVC3 project, and I can't break it cause I'm a junior dev.

Does JavaScript minification affect JavaScript function names - i.e. can I still call the functions that I minify by the same name from inline code? Also, does it ever effect how code behaves - or is JavaScript functionality and order fully preserved?

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Bundling and Minification is not going to break your code by renaming your function names. The minification optimizes code through removing unnecessary whitespace, removing comments, and shortening variable names to one character.

Say you make this function:

function BigHonkingFunctionName(bigvariablename1, bigvariablename2) {
    //I love this function
    alert(bigvariablename1 + " " + bigvariablename2);

The minified result will be:

function BigHonkingFunctionName(n,t){alert(n+" "+t)}

So as you see, it won't impact how you call or use the function.

Reading on Bundling and Minification.

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I'll caveat this by saying the minification can break functionality depending on how the original source file was written. I just experienced the jQuery.DataTables cookie functionality (datatables.net/new/1.7) breaking because the VS minifier incorrectly re-aliased the already existing alias for document -- for some reason it didn't pick up on the fact that the variable already existed, so it "helpfully" added it within local function scope, which resulted in a null exception. –  drzaus Nov 12 '13 at 17:35
@drzaus hmmm that may be, however packages like DataTables will include a minified js file. When you include scripts that also have a minified version, the .min.js will be used during release mode so you shouldn't run into any issues in that case. I'd be interested to know if that helped in your case. –  MikeSmithDev Jan 24 at 4:26
weirdly enough it did not; i believe it had to do with the version of dataTables i had -- upgrading to 1.9.4 (with a different pre-minified version) seemed to fix things, which is why I wanted to add the caveat that it depends on the source file and minifier used. –  drzaus Jan 28 at 16:53

It is a valid concern. Probably depends on how your Javascript files are built, and now the bundler works. A lot of time, the bundlers do a great job of figuring everything out and leaving things in tact that need to be there.

A lot of bundlers do have configuration options to enable or disable options so you maybe able to configure the system to the exact way you want it, or if you run into problems.

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