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How generate link like <a href="/home/index#item">text</a> with:

return RedirectToAction()


I need add #item for tab open on page load. Thanx.

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Just use the proper overload of the ActionLink helper:

    linkText: "text", 
    actionName: "index", 
    controllerName: "home", 
    protocol: Request.Url.Scheme, 
    hostName: null, 
    fragment: "item", 
    routeValues: null, 
    htmlAttributes: null

or a shortcut if you will:

@Html.ActionLink("text", "index", "home", Request.Url.Scheme, null, "item", null, null)

and if you wanted to redirect to such an action you could use the GenerateUrl method:

public ActionResult SomeAction()
    string url = UrlHelper.GenerateUrl(
        routeName: null,
        actionName: "index",
        controllerName: "home",
        protocol: null,
        hostName: null,
        fragment: "item",
        routeValues: new RouteValueDictionary(),
        routeCollection: Url.RouteCollection,
        requestContext: Url.RequestContext,
        includeImplicitMvcValues: false
    return Redirect(url);
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