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I need to read floating point decimals from sqlite db

I have created Variable type in database as INTEGER

I am reading with sqlite3_column_int to NSInteger variables

which parts should changed so i can read floating point integers from database

thanks for answers sorry im a newbie in this topics

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There's no such thing as a floating-point integer. They're mutually exclusive on a fundamental level (well floating point numbers can fall on integer boundaries but you get the idea) :P.

But the way to get floats out is by using the sqlite3_column_double(sqlite3_stmt *, int) function.

NSNumber *f = [NSNumber numberWithFloat:(float)sqlite3_column_double(stmt, col)];
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it works great thanks –  bugra s Oct 8 '09 at 8:42

Declare the fields as a floating point number. From sqllite datatype doc the database type is REAL. This is a 8 byte floating point number which is an Objective-C double, NSDouble or NSNumber type.

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I second this. Declare the variable as a REAL instead of an INTEGER and use sqlite3_column_double to read the value as a double. –  lostInTransit Oct 8 '09 at 5:03
thanks for pointing me sqllite datatype doc, i know it is somewhere around but i cant find that document –  bugra s Oct 8 '09 at 8:43
NSNumber *num;
int temp = (float)sqlite3_column_double(walkstatement, 3);
num = [[NSNumber alloc]initWithInt:temp];

This code worked for me..

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For additional information, sqlite3 uses a dynamic data type system. so anything past these:

  • NULL
  • REAL
  • TEXT
  • BLOB

are just hints to sqlite (technically, affinity), and it'll end up deciding on its own what type it is or is not.


the functions that return doubles, ints, etc are part of the sqlite C API try its best to give you what you want.... so what's stored in a column can potentially be converted by sqlite if what you're asking for is different from what's in the db.


about midway down, there's a handy table that'll let you know what to expect.

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