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I've got an array with three elements

string[] cat = new string[3] { "XBox360", "PS3", "Wii" };

then my I basically compare the array agianst a DataTable and do some manipulation under certain conditions. The code that (I didn't write) performs match is this:

drResults = dtResults.Select(String.Format("Cat = '{0}' AND Cat_Entries = '{1}'", category, cat[i]));

The category (Cat) varialble contains a category numbers and Cat_Entries the elements of the cat array. And so in the code I perform operations if the drResult.Lenght > 0.

What I don't understand is what does the code inside Format() do? I'm looking at Microsoft's definition but what throws me off is the "AND". Also are the numbers between curly brackets {} like a sequential index designator that tell the runtime that the category element repalces Zero, and cat[i] replaces One?

All this is of course inside a loop and other code but I don't think it really adds to the question so I left it out.

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The AND belongs to DataTable.Select(similar to a WHERE clause in SQL), the curly braces are placeholder for string.Format (as you've already mentioned). So they are not related. – Tim Schmelter Mar 11 '13 at 22:47
So basically, Cat = category and Cat_Entries = cat[i] and so if there is a match, dtResults is 1? – Risho Mar 11 '13 at 22:51
Seriously people a Downvote? For what? – Risho Mar 11 '13 at 22:56
@Risho Unexplained downvote is very common in SO; it's actually gotten really bad lately. – EtherDragon Mar 11 '13 at 23:20

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The Select method takes a piece of SQL and returns rows that match. In this case you are looking for a row where Cat field = '<category>' AND the Cat_Entries field = '<cat[i]>'

The Format function is a better way of creating the string than doing

"Cat = '" + category + "' AND Cat_Entries = '" + cat[i] + '" as the latter is harder to read and is probably slower due to having to create several interim strings.

The {0} and {1} are just place holders representing the variables that you provide, ie. category and cat[i]. You can reuse each as many times as you like and in any order,.e.g. it would be valid (albeit stupid) to have

String.Format("Cat_Entries = '{1}' AND Cat = '{0}' AND Cat = '{0}'", category, cat[i])
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