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I have an external Coldfusion page that builds a table based on a query. I then import that external table using jQuery import statement every 10 seconds.


There is something I am missing because I can't edit/add functionality to the table. I can't get access the content within the table from jQuery. There are buttons and such that I want to add functionality to within the table.
I am missing a/many step(s). Please help.

Or at least a place to start reading

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Sorry, but this does not seem to be enough information to help. I don't know about a jQuery import() method, so you might be using a plugin. Also, you are missing a closing ' in your code. –  kapa Mar 11 '13 at 23:08

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The answer was to put the javascript in the document being loaded not in the document that it was being loaded in.

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If you use methods lie $('td').click() then they won't fire with dynamically loaded data.

Instead, you have to use something like

function tdClicked() {
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