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I added an object nested in another object using the model. Just like this:

Ingresso model ->

def as_json(options=nil)
  super(:include => [:usuario, :tipo_de_ingresso])

In tipo_de_ingresso model, I want to add another object nested. here:

def as_json(options=nil)
  super(:include => :entradas)

But when I get the the ingressos.json, I lost entradas. If I get tipo_de_ingressos.json, entradas are nested, ok, but when I get ingressos.json, they are not there.

How can I get entradas nested in tipo_de_ingresso when I call ingresso?

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PS: You might find the RABL Gem helpful if you need to do more complex json operations. That way you can define actual views for your json responses instead of bundling it up in the model. – Soup Mar 11 '13 at 23:38
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Try this,

# /app/models/Ingresso.rb

def as_json(options=nil)
  super(:include => [:usuario => {}, :tipo_de_ingresso => { :include => :entradas }])


changed [:usuario, ... to [:usuario => {}, ...

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It works! I knew that was something like this, but I'm not very familiar with Rails. Thanks again :-) – user1411166 Mar 12 '13 at 17:48

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