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I would like to open and close a window in Flex(AIR). I would really like to do something like:

var myWindow:Window = new Window();
myWindow.open(true); // open after creating(this works)

myWindow.close(); // now hide the window

myWindow.open(true);// reappear(this doesn't work after a close)

I'm probably missing something simple, perhaps close() is not what should be used.

The main thing is I want to create a window once, and then show and hide it as necessary.

EDIT: removed unnecessary vars

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May be it's a copy paste error, but var is required only in the first line. Instead of closing the window, set its visible property to false to hide it.

//to hide the window
myWindow.visible = false;

//to show it again
myWindow.visible = true;
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Why var at the beginning of every line?




myWindow = new Window();
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