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I am developing a bunch of GAS tools that I will use when designing and building spreadsheets. To make it easy to access these, I created a menu item that allows me to quickly access these tools. However, I want to have this menu available every time I use Google spreadsheets, not just on a specific spreadsheet that I have added the scripts to. I guess this would be analogous to an add-in in Excel The tools and functions are available to all spreadsheets opened in Excel, but aren't part of the spreadsheet.

Is this possible with Google spreadsheets/apps? All of my research on this has turned up answers where the code needs to be attached to a specific spreadsheet.

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No. You will have to add it to each of your spreadsheets. But you can add the same script to each of your spreadsheets by using libraries and using the onInstall trigger to add the onOpen trigger to each spreadsheet.

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