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how do i make a neverending loop for "next" oder "prev" buttons?
For example: if there are 7 recordsets and the user presses the "next" or "prev" buttons so the recordsets it wouldn't stop by reaching recordset 0 or 7.

I have the following code and tried many ways to solve them:

var jsonData = '

function getId(file) {
    for(var f in jsonData) {
       if(jsonData[f].file == file)
         return jsonData[f].count;

var ActualCounter = getId("fb305d5921e6ef7336c4ce3750b7e0a8.jpg");
var TotalPics = '7';

$('.PicNext').click(function() {
    if(ActualCounter == TotalPics) return false; 
    var SetNext = ActualCounter++;
    $('#ShowPicture').attr('src', '/Media/'+ jsonData[SetNext].file);

$('.PicPrev').click(function() {
    if(ActualCounter == 1) return false; 
    var SetPrev = ActualCounter--;
    $('#ShowPicture').attr('src', '/Media/'+ jsonData[SetPrev].file);

So for the .PicNext i tried also this:

$('.PicNext').click(function() {
   if(ActualCounter == TotalPics) { var SetNext = 0; } else {
   var SetNext = ActualCounter++; }
   $('#ShowPicture').attr('src', '/Media/'+ jsonData[SetNext].file);

But no luck!

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You're using a pretty complicated approach. But anyways, your problem may be that you're not updating ActualCounter when you do var SetNext = 0. Since you're not updating it, the picture will get stuck on 0 because ActualCounter == TotalPics is always true.

But you don't really need this complicated approach. Just keep a regular array index (from 0 to n-1) and use the remainder/modulus operator when the index changes:

 index = (index + jsonData.length) % jsonData.length;


A version using the modulo approach:

var jsonData = [

var index = 0;

$('.PicNext').click(function() {
    index += 1;
    index = (index + jsonData.length) % jsonData.length;
    $('#ShowPicture').attr('src', '/Media/'+ jsonData[index]);

$('.PicPrev').click(function() {
    index -= 1;
    index = (index + jsonData.length) % jsonData.length;
    $('#ShowPicture').attr('src', '/Media/'+ jsonData[index]);
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Thank you, but how i do apply that modulo in my example? – onbids Mar 12 '13 at 8:48
you don't need it in your example. just make sure ActualCounter is being updated when you do SetNext = 0. if you want to use the modulo approach (which is a lot easier), just do index++, followed by that modulo assignment. – amr Mar 12 '13 at 18:30
I added an example using the modulo approach. It might not work exactly but it shows how straightforwardly it can be done. By the way this is called "cyclic array indexing". – amr Mar 12 '13 at 18:42

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