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Silly question but I'm not very good at configuring from shell. I want to re-compile my version of netcat with the -DGAPING_SECURITY_HOLE option enabled (see section 0x1). I have the source code downloaded in my computer and I can install it normally by running:

$ ./configure
$ make

but how do I enable this option on a Unix system? Thanks. (also it's for a class project. not actually trying to hack...haha)

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Just use socat. It can do all that and more without quirky historical compile options. – Nicholas Wilson Mar 12 '13 at 11:26

./configure --enable-DGAPING_SECURITY_HOLE


cd src

./netcat --help

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Read the manual you link to? It sayeth:

-=* Compiling Netcat *=-

  While this option makes netcat very powerfull, it is also a huge risk in the wrong hands.. 
   Damn hackers.

[ Enable -DTELNET ]
  Without this option netcat will be unable to connect to a telnet server. Telnet servers &
   there clients auto negotiate there options before the login prompt is displayed. Enabling 
   this option allows netcat to support this functionality.


So, edit the makefile and adjust the setting of DFLAGS. It also implies that might be the default.

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Try doing this :

make Linux
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