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I have the following update method, which seems to be working:

public Folder UpdateFolder(Folder folder)
            Folder serverFolder = _db.Folders.FirstOrDefault(f => f.FolderId == folder.FolderId);
            if (serverFolder != null)
                serverFolder.Title = folder.Title;
                serverFolder.Details = folder.Details;
            return serverFolder;

I just noticed that most Update methods I've read about have calls to Entry.StateDetached and StateAttached - is what I've done above ok, or am I missing something?

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It is okay. _db.Folders.FirstOrDefault reads the Folder and it is attached to the context.

You would need to check if the entity was attached if you were simply passing in a Folder (without reading) and attempting to update it.

Basically, Folder serverFolder = _db.Folders.FirstOrDefault(f => f.FolderId == folder.FolderId); ensures that the Folder is attached so you don't have to worry.

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I think you need to do _db.SaveChanges(); instead of SaveChanges();

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