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Here's a fiddle with the schema and a sample query: http://sqlfiddle.com/#!2/573ec4/9

I'm looking to return C.price using I.section and L.level, which are obtained via other joins. When using an inner join with Cost I am left with no result: http://sqlfiddle.com/#!2/573ec4/2

Since cost is a table that maps a section and level to a price, I would like to be able to calculate the price of all the showings in my query

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When you are joining to the Cost table you do not include the proper join conditions:

INNER JOIN `cost` `C` 
  ON `I`.`Section` = c.section  -- = c.section is missing
  AND `L`.`level` = c.level;  -- = c.level is missing

So your full query will be:

SELECT  `F`.`date`,
FROM `booking_for_schedule` `F`
INNER JOIN `booking_in_seats` `I` 
  on `F`.`tname`=`I`.`tname` 
  AND `F`.`booking_num` = `I`.`booking_num`
INNER JOIN `level` `L` 
  on `F`.`date`=`L`.`date` 
  AND `F`.`time`=`L`.`time` 
  AND `F`.`tname`=`L`.`tname`
INNER JOIN `cost` `C` 
  ON `I`.`Section` = c.section
  AND `L`.`level` = c.level;

See SQL Fiddle with Demo

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AH! Thank you very much. I guess as my select statement got bigger I lost track of the comparisons. –  Marco Pietro Cirillo Mar 12 '13 at 2:53
@MarcoPietroCirillo You are welcome! It is easy to miss these sometimes! :) –  bluefeet Mar 12 '13 at 2:53

Looks like you're missing some clause on the INNER JOIN cost C (when you are joining on the Cost table).

It should look like this:

INNER JOIN `cost` `C` ON `I`.`Section`=`C`.`Section` AND `L`.`level`=`C`.`level`

instead of:

INNER JOIN `cost` `C` ON `I`.`Section` AND `L`.`level`
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You have missed to join the columns. the reason why you have no result is because I.Section AND L.level will always return false.

SELECT  F.date,
FROM    booking_for_schedule F
        INNER JOIN booking_in_seats I 
            ON  F.tname = I.tname AND 
                F.booking_num = I.booking_num
        INNER JOIN level L 
            ON  F.date = L.date AND 
                F.time = L.time AND 
                F.tname = L.tname
        INNER JOIN cost C 
            ON  I.Section = C.Section AND  -- <<== HERE
                L.level = C.level          -- <<== HERE
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Your last line is the problem:

INNER JOIN `cost` `C` ON `I`.`Section` AND `L`.`level`

It should be this:

INNER JOIN `cost` `C` ON `I`.`Section` = `C`.`Section` AND `L`.`level` = `C`.`Level`
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