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When I pull the date out of the db, it comes back like this:


I want to format it in two different ways...

The first: F d, Y The second h:m (12 hour format)

Everything I try returns December 1969... Help?! I feel so confused...

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Normally the code is just:

echo date('F d, Y h:mA', strtotime('2009-10-14 19:00:00'));

Note that if strtotime() can't figure out the date, it returns the time as 1/1/1970 00:00:00 GMT.

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+1 Correct, hope you don't mind my edit. –  alex Oct 8 '09 at 2:17

If you want to format it in the database (assuming MySQL):

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(t.column, '%M %D, %Y'), --October 14, 2009
       DATE_FORMAT(t.column, '%h:%i %p') --hh:mm am/pm

...or if you want to do the conversion in PHP:

echo date('F d, Y h:mA', strtotime('2009-10-14 19:00:00'));


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Best of all and clear

$res_tbl ='select create_date from tbl_comments';
while($table =mysql_fetch_array($res_tbl))
  echo date('F d, Y h:mA', strtotime($table['create_date']));
  echo "<br>";


January 10, 2009 21:12
March 21, 2001  12:04
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You might wanna check strtotime

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Simple date display function :

 echo date('m-d-Y',strtotime($date_variable));
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