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I'm attempting to make a Facebook app that will query insights metrics from pages that I administer. I'm unsure if there is a better approach, but I am running into issue after issue trying to build my queries.

For instance, many of the "metric" fields listed here return empty data objects. Testing the following FQL query on the Graph API Explorer is an example (substitute with your page ID):

fql?q=SELECT metric, value FROM insights WHERE object_id=<USER_ID> AND metric='post_storytellers' AND period=0

I have granted myself "read_insights" permissions.

I'm wondering if this is a common issue, if I'm doing this wrong, and if there is a better way (i.e. FQL is problematic, stick to the Graph API). I started this project using Perl, intending to simply parse the return data into a database. Perhaps I would be better served writing this in PHP?

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The post_storytellers metric, has only 3 available periods: day, week and days_28. When you put period=0, you are asking for the lifetime period. Your query should be something like this:

SELECT metric, value FROM insights WHERE object_id=<PAGE_ID> AND metric='page_storytellers' AND end_time=1334905200 AND period=period('week')

I hope it would help!

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