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i generated some font-based icons with the online tool icomoon, and am trying to use it with a bootstrap template i have.

the problem is that bootstrap's css uses the "icon-" prefix, and my icon-font uses the same, such as "icon-puzzle" for the css class name.

here's a pic of what's happening (both my custom font (blue puzzle) is being rendered along with a section of the bootstrap icon spritesheet) enter image description here

so, I certainly could change my icon font to use a different css class prefix, such as "font-icon-puzzle", but I'd like to properly integrate with bootstrap instead of creating a one-off exception for my font icons.

Could someone please recommend an alternative that better integrates with bootstrap?

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Font Awesome is what I use with Bootstrap and it works great:


In order to get your custom fonts working with Bootstrap make sure you're loading your css after the Boostrap css and make sure your css states "background-image:none" in it.

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