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My server does not run exec() functions. But a PHP script of me have this exec() functios in it:

  exec('cd executables/ && php executables/import_run.php 3 en_US > /includes/work/result_d0169bb6.log 2>&1 &');

what will this line do in PHP AND is it possible to replace this with an own (non-exec()) Function?

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You are moving to executables and then execute the script import_run.php with some parameters, redirect output into a file, as a detached process. So, depending on what contain your import_run.php, may be you could include it on the current PHP execution context. –  MatRt Mar 12 '13 at 4:00
import_run is probably a long running process which is why they are doing the shell commnds. This won't work if the server is locked down and doesn't allow exec to run. –  Bryan Waters Mar 12 '13 at 4:06

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This line will exec the command cd executables/ && php executables/import_run.php 3 en_US > /includes/work/result_d0169bb6.log 2>&1 &. :)

The command itself will:

  1. Change the working directory (cd) to executables/.
  2. Assuming the directory change was successful (&&), it will call PHP to run the file executables/import_run.php and pass it two arguments: 3 and en_US. Note that this file is assumed to be located in a path executables/executables/import_run.php relative to whatever is the current script (the one with the exec(...) line).
  3. All standard output is redirected to a file includes/work/result_d0169bb6.log (>). All standard error output is redirected to the same file (2>&1). Note that this file is assumed to be located in a path executables/includes/work/result_d0169bb6.log relative to the current script.
  4. This process is told to run in the background (&).

My guess is that you don't want to be calling php executables/import_run.php after the cd (since you're already in the executables/ directory). Instead you should just be calling php import_run.php.

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I forgot to mention, that I can not run "exec" on my server. So have i to replace this with non-exec exec line. –  dazzafact Mar 12 '13 at 4:35
Have you tried running the command directly from the command line? Specifically, something like this: cd /absolute/path/to/executables && php import_run.php 3 en_US > /includes/work/result_d0169bb6.log 2>&1 &. –  adamdunson Mar 12 '13 at 6:28

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