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Any help with this question is appreciated.

I have a list of tuples

a = [(1,2), (2,1), (1,3), (1,4), (4,1)]

and I need to remove duplicates of a certain type: (1,2) and (2,1) are considered duplicates according to my definition. Required output

a = [(1,2), (1,3), (1,4)]

Thanks in advance

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You could turn a into a set of sets:

>>> set(map(frozenset, a))
    set([frozenset([1, 3]), frozenset([1, 2]), frozenset([1, 4])])

Or sort them:

>>> set(tuple(sorted(l)) for l in a)
    set([(1, 2), (1, 3), (1, 4)])
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