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CakePHP appears to have a function to translate a requested URL and determine what controller and action to perform, seeing this must be performed with each http request.

Is there a way I can utilize this process within a controller or elsewhere in the system? The best outcome would be to have a function where I input a URL string, and the response is an array with controller details. eg:

$url_route = RouteFunction('/page/url/here');

// $url_route = array(
//    'controller' => 'page', 
//    'action' => 'display', 
//    'pass' => array('url', 'here')
// );
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For this you can use Router::parse().

For example:

$route = Router::parse('/users/view/21');

will by default output:

    'controller' => 'users',
    'action' => 'view',
    'named' => array(),
    'pass' => array(
            (int) 0 => '21'
    'plugin' => null
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Perfect, that is what I was after, I just couldn't find the function. Thanks. –  Rhys Mar 12 '13 at 5:25

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