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I'm trying to obtain the role of some user (by its id), currently i do this way:

$this is a home-made API access outside of SugarCRM, the session is implicitly sent

$roles = $this->get_entry_list('ACLRoles', null, null, null, array('name'));
       if ($roles) {
            foreach ($roles->entry_list as $role) {
                $result = $this->get_relationships('ACLRoles', $role->id, 'users', 'user_id=' . $userId);
                if (count($result->entry_list) > 0) {
                    return array(
                        'id' => $role->id,
                        'name' => $role->name_value_list->name->value

I, however, consider this an inefficient solution, due that i need to iterate over all the roles to check if the user is there... I have been looking at the API and been trying other methods, but i cannot get to relation Users -> ACLRoles, only ACLRoles -> Users...

Is there a better way to get the Role of an User?

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I think that's the best choice unfortunately... –  jmertic Mar 12 '13 at 12:18
I though so, but i was hoping that someone else would point me to something else, thank you –  Josejulio Mar 12 '13 at 15:24

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Another option is to add a new web services call via your own custom endpoint. This is actually quite simple to do, see this KB article for more details...


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Seems the way to go! –  Josejulio Mar 19 '13 at 19:51

I'm using get_relationships in Sugar 6.5.8 to retrieve the roles for a given user via the SOAP service.

get_relationships(sessionId, "Users", userId, "aclroles", "", array("id", "name"))

Note: the link_field_name (4th) parameter appears to be case-sensitive, but doesn't error if you get it wrong like the module_name parameter... it is just ignored and no records returned.

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