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I am trying to read only two column (One is Integer and other is String) from the table and get a list of the result. I am reading the table using EntityManger as shown in the code below. This code executes correctly and no Exception comes.

public List<BusinessProcessIdAndName> getBusinessProcessList(int level) {
    List<BusinessProcessIdAndName> businessProcessTableList = new        ArrayList<BusinessProcessIdAndName>();
    EntityManager em = null;
    try {
        EntityManagerFactory emf = Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory(ApplicationConstants.DERBY_PERSISTENCE_UNIT_NAME);
        em = emf.createEntityManager();
        EntityTransaction et = em.getTransaction();
        Query query = em.createQuery("select t.businessProcessId, t.businessProcessName from BusinessProcessTable t");
        businessProcessTableList = query.getResultList();
        // The line below displays the correct result, The logger is basically a System.out.println  
    catch(Exception e) {
        logger.debug("Exception Caught while getting BP List: " + e);
    return businessProcessTableList;

BusinessProcessIdAndName class is as below

public class BusinessProcessIdAndName {

    private Integer businessProcessId;
    private String businessProcessName;

    public Integer getBusinessProcessId() {
        return businessProcessId;

    public void setBusinessProcessId(Integer businessProcessId) {
        this.businessProcessId = businessProcessId;

    public String getBusinessProcessName() {
        return businessProcessName;

    public void setBusinessProcessName(String businessProcessName) {
        this.businessProcessName = businessProcessName;


Then in Managed Bean I am using the result of the above code as below. Here I get the Exception

java.lang.ClassCastException: [Ljava.lang.Object; incompatible with com.ewt.ewtalmutil.object.BusinessProcessIdAndName

I know this Exception says that there is a mismatch in the object and they are incompatible, But I think my objects should be compatible, please tell me where I am wrong and what is the correct way to do it.

public SelectCriteriaBean () {
    this.businessProcessLevelZeroList = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();
    List<BusinessProcessIdAndName> tempBusinessProcessLevelZeroList = new BusinessProcessTableManager().getBusinessProcessList(0);
    // The line below also displays correct result
    // The line below gives Exception: java.lang.ClassCastException: [Ljava.lang.Object; incompatible with com.ewt.ewtalmutil.object.BusinessProcessIdAndName
    try {
        Iterator<BusinessProcessIdAndName> iterator = tempBusinessProcessLevelZeroList.iterator();
    catch (Exception e) {
        logger.debug("Exception: " + e);
    while (iterator.hasNext()) {
        BusinessProcessIdAndName businessProcessIdAndName = new BusinessProcessIdAndName();
        businessProcessIdAndName = iterator.next();
        // The Exception/Error comes in the line below 
        String businessProcessName = businessProcessIdAndName.getBusinessProcessName();
        int businessProcessId = businessProcessIdAndName.getBusinessProcessId();
        String businessProcessIdString = String.valueOf(businessProcessId);
        SelectItem item = new SelectItem(businessProcessIdString,businessProcessName);
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You have two lines commented as giving the exception. Which one is it? If the first, does the logger log the exception as expected from the catch clause`, or does the program throw an exception? Are you sure that you counted lines correctly? –  Ted Hopp Mar 12 '13 at 4:43
The line where you create the iterator doesn't throw that exception. The initialization of businessProcessIdAndName the line before you assign it to iterator.next() is a waste of time and space. –  EJP Mar 12 '13 at 4:50
Exception comes in try catch block, so the code line businessProcessIdAndName = iterator.next(); gives exception –  SXV Mar 12 '13 at 5:00

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Consider below three example.

  • If you are trying to select all the column of a table. Then you have to write your program like below code.


Query q = em.createQuery("SELECT t FROM BusinessProcessTable t");    
List<BusinessProcessTable > result = q.getResultList();
  • If you are trying get single but all the column of a table. Then you have to write your program like below code.


Query q1 = em.createQuery("SELECT t FROM BusinessProcessTable t WHERE t.id = :id");
q1.setParameter("id", "4711");
BusinessProcessTable e = (BusinessProcessTable )q1.getSingleResult();
  • If you are trying to get all the records of selective column of a table then the return type would list of objects. You should write your program like below code.


 Query q1 = em.createQuery("SELECT t.name, t.salary FROM BusinessProcessTable t");
        List<Object[]> result1 = q1.getResultList();
        for (Object[] resultElement : result1) {
            String name = (String)resultElement[0];
            Double salary = (Double)resultElement[1];
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