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I am using jdk1.7. i am using self signed certificates for SSL handshake. is it mandatory to have keyusage in certificate if i am using jdk1.7. Please let me know i am confused.

Thanks, Rahul

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Do you have a reason for not wanting to include the keyusage extension? –  gtrig Aug 6 '13 at 4:34

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Here is what RFC 5280 says:

Conforming CAs MUST include this extension in certificates that
contain public keys that are used to validate digital signatures on
other public key certificates or CRLs. When present, conforming CAs
SHOULD mark this extension as critical.

However, RFC 6818, which is an update to RFC 5280, says:

Consistent with Section 3.4.61 of X.509 (11/2008) [X.509], we note that use of self-issued certificates and self-signed certificates issued by entities other than CAs are outside the scope of this specification. Thus, for example, a web server or client might generate a self-signed certificate to identify itself. These certificates and how a relying party uses them to authenticate asserted identities are both outside the scope of RFC 5280.

So, if you're acting in the capacity of a CA, you should include keyusage. It's probably a good idea to include it anyway, although it isn't strictly required based on the paragraph above.

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