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I want to be able to use a value from one form field (let's say name), if available, in the error message of another form field (lets say email).
For example: I want the error message for the email field to be like:
"Hi "+name+", please enter a valid email address."

Besides, I would also like to be able to customize error messages based on the time of the day/year, or based on other error messages. But I've not been able to do this so far; I get this error:

The value for annotation attribute NotEmpty.message must be a constant expression

Any suggestions on how this can be done?

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Its due to you are using name variable in error message.
for doing this you can code at jsp page.
cutomize this by using if-else condition 
that particular error than print the given message like:
<c:if test="${success=='n'}">
      <b>put dynamic test here </b>
     <form:errors path="*"/>

where success is set at your controller like:

map.put("success", "n");

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@Sagar Aiya: Hello if you got problem solved than please accept. --Om-- –  om sharma Mar 13 '13 at 6:05

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