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I wrote a python-daemon that parses some web pages. But sometimes there are errors due to the fact that some of the pages are not compatible with the parser.

Actually the question: how to make the script when errors did not stop, but just continued to work? And if possible, record all the errors in the log file.


Part of my code:

# row - array of links
for row in result:
    page_html = getPage(row['url'])
    self.page_data = row

    if page_html != False:

    parser.mainlink = row['url']

    links = parser.links # get links from page
    words = wordParser(page_html); # words from page

    # insert data to DB

    # print row['url'] + ' parsed. sleep... '

    sleep(uniform(1, 3)) # sleep script
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What have you try:ed? –  wim Mar 12 '13 at 5:36
@wim: nice 1 ;-) –  Niklas R Mar 12 '13 at 6:01

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Here's what you can do:

import logging
should_abort = False

def do_stuff():
    global should_abort

def main():
    while not should_abort:  # your main loop
        except MyException1, e:
            logging.exception('GOT MyException1 %s', e)
        except MyException2, e:
            logging.exception('GOT MyException2 %s', e)
        except Exception, e:
            logging.exception('UNKNOWN EXCEPTION %s', e)

This still allows you to stop using ctrl-C, as KeyboardInterrupt derives from BaseException, not Exception.

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