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We are using server side validation for validating in-app subscription in play store. Google returned such a response for one of the requests -
{ kind: "androidpublisher#subscriptionPurchase",
initiationTimestampMsec: "1363062617125",
validUntilTimestampMsec: "1365762617125",
autoRenewing: true

Its a monthly subscription and if you convert the timestamps, validUntilTimestampMsec is 6 hours more than a month, any idea why?

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Why is this closed as off topic? I have the same problem but with a delay of 12 hours. @Shrinath, do you have found a solution for your problem? Here is my post: stackoverflow.com/questions/17919332/… –  MartinVonMartinsgrün Aug 5 '13 at 6:55
@MartinVonMartinsgrün, didn't get a reply from anyone nor from google. I coded around it such that we always calculate our own validuntil. –  Shrinath Aug 5 '13 at 12:04