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I have the following model:

class Action < ActiveRecord::Base
  # model code stuff

In the controller, I can do something like that:

class ActionsController < ApplicationController
  # super simple update
  def update
    @action = Action.find(params[:id])

Is it possible to make my Action model to be represented by 'something_action' in params array without renaming the model itself? I.e. so I can retrieve it like that:


Any help would be appreciated?

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In your form_for use :as => :some_other_params_name

form_for(@action, :as => :different
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That works! For the record, I wonder if there is a way to do it decoratively on the model itself? –  Godsaur Mar 12 '13 at 6:53

If you are using form_for, you can change it to

form_for :something_action, @action do |f|

so it uses :something_action as the name of the params

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