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have to do an exercise called SpanishNumbers. Create a SpanishNumbers application that displays numbers 1 through 10 in Spanish. A method with an int parameter should display the Spanish word for the number passed. A loop structure in the main() method should be used to call the method ten times. The Spanish word equivalents for numbers 1 through 10 are:

1 uno, 2 dos, 3 tres, 4 cuatro, 5 cinco, 6 seis, 7 siete, 8 ocho, 9 nueve, 10 diez.

package chapter7java;
import java.util.Scanner;
 * @author Eric
public class SpanishNumbers {

    public static void spanNum(int num, String word) {

        for (int i = 1; i<= num; i++) {
            if (num = 1) {

    public static void main (String [] args) {

        for (int i = 1; i<=10; i++) {



So before you freak out, I'm having trouble even starting this thing so maybe give me some tip hows I can do what it asks, not finish the work necessarily. What I posted was just crap so just let me know how I can go about starting this. Thanks in advance! This is beginner java so keep it simple.

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The function spanNum needs only an int as a parameter. Remove the String parameter passed to it. Replace

public static void spanNum(int num, String word) {


public static void spanNum(int num) {

The spanNum function is supposed to print the Spanish for one number (the one passed in parameter num). So there should be no loop. Also = is an assignment statement, not a comparison operator. The comparison operator is ==. So the statement to test if num is equal to 1 would be if(num == 1).

In the main, you could call spanNum in the loop for all values of i.

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You're going to want to create an array to hold your spanish numbers.

String[] numbers = {"uno", "dos", "tres", ......}

Declare that inside your spanNum method; you then just print out the value at index i to convert it into spanish. Just remember that array indices start at 0, so you'll need to shift your index by one.

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First of all, the line if(num = 1) should be if(num == 1) since = assigns and == compares. Second, when you are planning to take one number and do different things based on its value, a switch block may be more useful than multiple if...else if blocks. Third, in your main method, you are simply outputting the loop control variable, i, each time instead of calling spanNum().

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