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I am looking for awesome forms that are easy and intuitive to use even though they may be overly complex. Multi-page is cool too. Screen shots of the forms would be way cool.

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12 Answers 12

I'm not sure how I would classify what I think are the best designed forms, but I would definitely say the Wufoo forms would rank pretty high.

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This guy has written a couple of very interesting articles on UI design, and one specifically on web forms: I think he's quite well known in that area of expertise.

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I have this book on my desk now. Good point! – Sixty4Bit Oct 7 '08 at 20:28

My favorite form has to be the one on Google's home page. From the user perspective, a form that "just does the right thing" by figuring out what I want makes me much happier than having to understand a stack of text boxes, check boxes, and dropdown lists.

Equally important is backing that with an "advanced" mode, in case what I am getting is not what I wanted.

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I'd have to say the GMail interface as well, for a web form it is nice-looking, responsive, and its extra little features really make it intuitive and easy for the user to do and find what they want... but, that's google for you

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My other favorite: Gmail. I was amazed by the code completion on the to, cc, bcc: fields

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The website I go to to pay bills online (via USAA federal savings bank) is very good. There is a video tour here: USAA Web BillPay Tour

What I really, really like about it is that when I click on a bill to pay, the last two amounts I paid appear, along with when I paid them. It tells me the typical delivery time for that bill to be processed, and gives me links to manage all aspects of that particular payee. It also shows, when possible, due dates, amount due and so on.

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How about an anti-pattern (negative example: not easy, not intuitive):


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Awesome. Negative is good too. Can inspire to look for problems to address. – Sixty4Bit Sep 30 '08 at 18:23
For negative examples, pick any ERP system. for those who have never seen one, there is a free one at – Midhat Sep 30 '08 at 18:29

Sitepoint has a really good tutorial with some great-looking forms, and clean HTML.

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Fancy isn't what I am going for, but the tips on layout will be helpful. Thanks! – Sixty4Bit Oct 7 '08 at 20:31

I have recently started using TFS web access (Team foundation server) and I really like the way it looks and is designed. SS in a bit.

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This site does not necessarily show the "best" forms, but is more-so a collection of User Interface elements.

It's called PatternTap

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even has a good form

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