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I have 2 buttons and I added an event handler for both of those using the wizard and then I added the implementation like this:

void CTargetManApp::OnSetPS3()
    TargetIsPS3 = InitPS3Target();

void CTargetManApp::OnSetWin()
    TargetIsPS3 = !deInitPS3();

with message type command but when I do click those bttons the event handlers are not called; I have added breakpoints there that are not hit. Any ideas?

This is on VS2010 Win8 x64

EDIT: This is the message map

    ON_COMMAND(ID_APP_ABOUT, &CTargetManApp::OnAppAbout)
    ON_COMMAND(ID_FILE_NEW, &CTargetManApp::OnFileNew)
    ON_COMMAND(ID_FILE_IMPORT, &CTargetManApp::OnFileImport)
    ON_COMMAND(ID_BUTTON_NEWCLASS, &CTargetManApp::OnButtonNewclass)
    ON_COMMAND(ID_BUTTON_NOTES, &CTargetManApp::OnButtonNotes)
    ON_COMMAND(ID_BUTTON_HEADER, &CTargetManApp::OnButtonHeader)
    ON_COMMAND(ID_BUTTON_FOOTER, &CTargetManApp::OnButtonFooter)
    ON_COMMAND(ID_FILE_SAVE, &CTargetManApp::OnFileSave)
    ON_COMMAND(ID_FILE_SAVE_AS, &CTargetManApp::OnFileSaveAs)
    ON_COMMAND(ID_FILE_OPEN, &CTargetManApp::OnFileOpen)
    ON_COMMAND(ID_BUTTON_RESET, &CTargetManApp::OnButtonReset)
    ON_COMMAND(ID_BUTTON_PAUSE, &CTargetManApp::OnButtonPause)
    ON_COMMAND(ID_BUTTON_RESUME, &CTargetManApp::OnButtonResume)
    ON_COMMAND(ID_BUTTON_KILL, &CTargetManApp::OnButtonKill)
    ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI(ID_BUTTON_PAUSE, &CTargetManApp::OnUpdateButtonPause)
    ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI(ID_BUTTON_RESUME, &CTargetManApp::OnUpdateButtonResume)
    ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI(ID_BUTTON_KILL, &CTargetManApp::OnUpdateButtonKill)
    ON_COMMAND(ID_BUTTON_GENERATE, &CTargetManApp::OnButtonGenerate)
    ON_COMMAND(ID_BUTTON_CLEAN, &CTargetManApp::OnButtonClean)
    ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI(ID_BUTTON_CLEAN, &CTargetManApp::OnUpdateButtonClean)
    ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI(ID_FILE_SAVE, &CTargetManApp::OnUpdateFileSave)
    ON_COMMAND(ID_BUTTON6, &CTargetManApp::OnSetPS3)
    ON_COMMAND(BtnTargetWin, &CTargetManApp::OnSetWin)

every other button works... This is an old project of mine but only thing different is that now i run VS2010 on Win8 instead of Win7

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please attach code. –  idoo Mar 12 '13 at 7:41
1. Please try to change the order (move ON_COMMAND(ID_BUTTON6) to upper line). 2. can you add some code regarding to ID_BUTTON6 dlg item and lets say ID_BUTTON_CLEAN? –  idoo Mar 12 '13 at 8:09

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