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i have to automate the firefox application to do a functionality testing,

kindly help me which testing tool i can use


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The most important piece of selenium that you'll use is seleinum ide, user friendly interface to record and play your tests.

Useful for all kinds of automation.

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+1 for fastest gun in the west :) –  DVK Oct 8 '09 at 4:10

Would probably go for selenium but worth noting there are alternatives with cross browser compatibility: Watir and Sahi

Their relative advantages and disadvantages compared to Selenium are discussed here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/606550/watir-vs-selenium-vs-sahi

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Consider TestPlan which has Selenium available as one of its backends but abstracts way all the nasty bits and generally makes it easier to write tests quickly.

Consider a quick test to submit a form pressing the Save button and setting a few parameters:

SubmitForm with
  %Submit% value:Save
    %Params% with
      %name% Hammy First
      %country% CA
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