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I am a bit of a freshman in rails, so please bear with me. I get a routing error on my tests. The tests are as follwoing:

require 'spec_helper'

describe "ProducerPages" do

  subject { page }

  describe "profile page" do
    @producer = Producer.create(name:"Example Producer", 
                             email: "producer@example.com", password: "foobar",
                             password_confirmation: "foobar")
    before { visit producer_path(@producer) }

    it { should have_selector('h1',    text: producer.name) }
    it { should have_selector('title', text: producer.name) }

and the failure produced is:


  1) ProducerPages profile page
     Failure/Error: before { visit producer_path(@producer) }
       No route matches {:action=>"show", :controller=>"producers", :id=>nil}
     # ./spec/requests/producer_pages_spec.rb:14:in `block (3 levels) in <top (required)>'

It looks, I do something wrong with creating the producer instance variable. I tried to make that a normal variable, but then I get this error:

  1) ProducerPages profile page
     Failure/Error: before { visit producer_path(producer) }
       No route matches {:action=>"show", :controller=>"producers", 
     :id=>#<Producer id: nil, name: "Example Producer", 
     email: "producer@example.com", created_at: nil, updated_at: nil, 
     password_digest: "$2a$04$pXAEklj4nzYe48ojR5Ps/Oh8Ea9.QqKOajYBD2Rv0mQ9...", 
     remember_token: nil, admin: false, oid: nil, contact_name: nil, 
     street: nil, postal_code: nil, city: nil, country: nil, url: nil, 
     telephone: nil, cellular: nil, type: "Producer", producer_id: nil, 
     client_key: nil, product_count: 0>}
     # ./spec/requests/producer_pages_spec.rb:14:in `block (3 levels) in <top (required)>'

the routes.rb file contains

  resources :producers

What am I doing wrong?

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Your @producer object is nil, may be it throws an exception. –  SachinR Mar 12 '13 at 7:59
ok. half way. I made the create call inside the before block. Now it isn't nil, but throws the error as the call to the (non-instance) variable. Doesn't rail maybe notice the type is Producer? This is a Single table inheritance setup. –  Kostas Georgokitsos Mar 12 '13 at 8:22
why is id nil in the record. Create should have saved it to the database and give it an id? right? –  Kostas Georgokitsos Mar 12 '13 at 8:32
add a bang create! so that it raises an exception when it fails validation. but a better approach is to use mocks so you dont create db records –  jvnill Mar 12 '13 at 8:35
Thanks, that helped. Email was not unique. I wanted to use FactoryGirl but fell flat on the inheritance issue... I'll try again. –  Kostas Georgokitsos Mar 12 '13 at 8:57

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