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I'm developing an internal web application (asp.mvc + JS) that performs a key function for its users. Once they migrate away (navigate, close tab, close browser) the app stops.

Ideally what I would like is to "force" my users to go through an explicit logout - What I mean by that is: 1. a confirmation. 2. If the operation was a navigation and not a close tab/browser: redirect to a log off screen for 3 seconds (preferable, not absolutely necessary) , than redirect to wherever the user wanted to go.

We support IE8+, Chrome.

We have tried using unload / beforeunload, but chrome stops alerts/confirmations on these events, and even trying to post a logout back to the server seems to be sporadic and not really working.

Any ideas?

Edited: We are implementing a timeout, it's mostly a user experience thing (required by the users as well) - the requirements may cause a developer/user to instinctively write - "Just don't do that", but unfortunately this option is off the table.

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If beforeunload doesn't meet your requirements then change your requirements - I don't think there's any better solution. – symcbean Mar 12 '13 at 9:32
Well, I want to let the server know the user has definitely knowingly left the page. I can ask the user for confirmation "beforeunload", and ajax post to the server on "unload", but then I'm missing the navigation operations. However, if I use ajax "beforeunload", I don't give the user the option to "regret" and stay on the page. Tricky.. – EhudFisher Mar 12 '13 at 13:07

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