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I expect the code

foo=proc{puts "foo"}

instance_exec(1,2,3,&foo) do |*args , &block|
  puts *args
  puts "bar"

to output


But got the error

both block arg and actual block given

Can I pass a block which itself expect a block to instance_exec in ruby?

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&foo tries to pass foo as a block to instance_exec, and you are already passing an explicit block. Omitting ampersand sends foo just like any other argument (except that it is a Proc instance). So, try this instead:

instance_exec(1,2,3,foo) do |*args, block|
  puts *args
  puts "bar"

This also means that you can do something like:

bar = proc{ |*args, block|
  puts *args
  puts "bar"


And get the same result.

More info at Difference between block and &block in Ruby

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Unfortunately this won't work for my case. I'm trying to transparently wrap an existing proc in a way that allows me to track its execution time. Since I have no control over the signature of the proc I'm wrapping, I can't use this method. In general though this seems like a good work-around. –  Ajedi32 May 12 at 15:23

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