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I am currently making a dvd browsing system using JSP / Java Servlets and am having trouble figuring out a way to make my login page a bit more efficient.

My current login system does this: When a user submits the correct email/password combination, a servlet checks to see if the combination is correct and they are redirected to a lobby page. If a password is wrong, they are sent to a /retry.jsp page which is basically a duplicate copy of the login page with an extra

stating that the password is wrong.

I recognize this is not the best way to do this but is there an alternative method of implementing a solid login page?

EDIT I found kind of a solution to my problem albeit maybe not the best. I used the session variable to hold a value "badlogin" if the wrong username/password combination was used. If this session variable existed then the "wrong password" message would show. Any comments on this?

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I think your solution is just right. That's how I do it. –  Matt Miller Oct 8 '09 at 5:52
dont use sessions if you can help it - and in this use case, you dont have to use sessions to achieve what you wanted to achieve. this answer is exactly what you would want to do stackoverflow.com/questions/1535781/… –  Chii Oct 8 '09 at 9:35

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I haven't used JSP, but in most web app frameworks I've used it is possible to use a variable to toggle and error message in the template. You use the same page for both views, but when it is displayed for a failed attempt, an extra div is inserted with the appropriate message.

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You can have your servlet validate the password:

For example:

In the login page jsp:


In the Servlet

// Redirect to Lobby Page

request.setAttribute("passwordError", "Incorrect Password");
// Send back to login page

This will then display the password error on the login page, avoiding page duplication and the need to use sessions.

Hope this helps.


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