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I am currently migrating to EJB3.1 after using Spring for many years. One thing I would like to implement in EJB, for which I couldn't find a matching pattern yet is my MigrationManager. In Spring I had a bean that dealt with database schema and data migration. For this I implemented a Spring BeanFactoryPostProcessor because this way I had the database connection injected, but the JPA system is not yet initialized. So I could perform all migration steps and then have the application finishing starting.

How can I do something like this in EJB3.1 (Using CDI ... if this is of importance)


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Maybe possible to do a @Singleton+@Startup datamigration-ejb in a separate app that is deployed in strict order before your real app. But I really dont have experience with this. –  Aksel Willgert Mar 12 '13 at 9:58
But there must be some other solution ... I bet more people have the requirement to update a db schema before starting the JPA Entity Manager. Eventually is there any Hibernate initialization feature I could use? Otherwise at least I have a solid example of something cool you can't do with EJBs ;-) –  Christofer Dutz Mar 12 '13 at 10:43

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This is the way to run some initialization code from an EJB:

public class MigrationManager {
    public void migrate() {
       // do work

You don't need a separate app for that (as suggested in a comment above).

EntityManagers get instantiated lazily, so as long as you don't inject an EntityManager into some other startup code, this should give you a chance to update your database schema before an EntityManager is actually hitting the database.

By the way, for database schema migration I'd recommend Liquibase, which can be triggered by a ServletContextListener.

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Well actually the MigrationManager I created for Spring actually works using Liquibase underneath, but allows to define one migration step as a sequence of schma and data migrations. Schema migrations are done via liquibase and data-migration is done via Java classes implementing a special interface. But thanks for the pointer ... I was allready thinking of that PostConstruct thing, but I think I couldn't prevent any other Startup component from accessing the EntityManager. I was thinking of a Decorator and decorating the entity manager and wrapping some init method of the entity manager. –  Christofer Dutz Mar 14 '13 at 15:21

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