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I have an isue on screen size. As of now I displayed an image in an window screen. I used below code to get the screen size for all devices.

gridSize will be 3*3 or 4*4

public  void createGameBoard(short gridSize) {
    DisplayMetrics metrics = new DisplayMetrics();


    TableLayout tableLayout;
    tableLayout = (TableLayout) findViewById(;    

    board = GameBoard.createGameBoard(this, 
            (int) (metrics.widthPixels * metrics.density),
            (int) (metrics.heightPixels * metrics.density),


Now I want the above method to be customize. that, I want to some gap at top and bottom of this screen to place some content. I don't want default window size. I want to change with some values for widthPixels and heightPixels to get a space at the top and bottom of this screen.

Can any one help me out?

Thanks Ram

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if you can set your board position then below code help you.

here gapSize is top and bottom gap.

    int gapSize = 10; // you can set any value
    int width = (int) (metrics.widthPixels * metrics.density);// your board width
    int height = (int) (metrics.heightPixels * metrics.density) - (2 * gapSize);// your board height
    int startX = 0, startY = gapSize;

   board = GameBoard.createGameBoard(startX,startY,this, 
        width , height , gridSize);
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Thanks for your help. I tried this code and I got the space at the bottom not at the top. I tried to get space at the top, I did't get . Let me now the reason and code to get space at the top. – ram Mar 19 '13 at 4:59
can you put your createGameBoard function ??? that help me to find error – Divyang Metalia Mar 19 '13 at 5:05

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