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I'm using FileZilla as my FTP client. I've set TextMate as my default editor. When I save to TextMate, I'd like FileZilla to automatically upload the file to my server. Is this possible? At the moment, FileZilla asks permission each time. This wastes quite a bit of time.


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how about using dropbox? – staticor Jun 27 '13 at 13:01
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No, it is not yet possible.

There is a 5 years old feature request for that. Unofficial patches are available as well (see the tracker item) but it is unknown if they can still be applied to latest version.

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I would also love to see this feature added to Filezilla, but in the meantime try using WinSCP ( Personally, I do not like WinSCP, but it does have an auto-sync feature and it works very well. I prefer Filezilla for everything else (much better UI, transfer speeds, etc.), but the auto-sync feature in WinSCP saves me a ton of time.

If Filezilla would add this feature, I would uninstall WinSCP in a heartbeat and never look back. But until then (keeping fingers crossed), I guess I am stuck using two FTP programs.

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