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I've written an Xtext-based plugin which works well when I open files inside one of the projects in my workspace; however, when I open a file outside the workspace (via File -> Open File...), some of the features don't work properly:

  • I get syntax coloring but I don't get syntax errors.
  • Quickfix options don't work, probably because context.getXtextDocument() returns null and I rely on it for my quickfix proposals.

There might be other things I'm missing, but most other features, such as content assist, definitions-on-hover, occurrence marking etc., work fine.

Is there a way I could make workspace-external source files behave the same as internal files? Alternatively, is there a workaround which will enable me to "trick" Xtext, somehow convincing it that the file is internal to the current project, for example by programmatically creating a link to it from the project?

This is a related question about the behavior with a workspace-external file, however I succeed in opening these files just fine, it's just that some features are not working.

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As long a I know, currently there are no way to just make workspace-external source files behave the same as internal files.

Here is the workaround for broken validation:

  • In xxx.ui plugin, XxxUiModule.java add

    public Class<? extends IResourceForEditorInputFactory> bindIResourceForEditorInputFactory() {
        return MyJavaClassPathResourceForIEditorInputFactory.class;
    public Class<? extends IXtextEditorCallback> bindIXtextEditorCallback() {
        return MyNatureAddingEditorCallback.class;
  • Create MyJavaClassPathResourceForIEditorInputFactory.java

    // Reenable validation
    public class MyJavaClassPathResourceForIEditorInputFactory extends JavaClassPathResourceForIEditorInputFactory {
        protected Resource createResource(java.net.URI uri) {
            XtextResource resource = (XtextResource) super.createResource(uri);
            return resource;
  • Create MyNatureAddingEditorCallback.java

    // With reenabled validation the syntax validation starts to work only after the first change made
    // Run the validation manually to show the syntax errors straight away
    // - CheckMode.ALL below should be probably changed to something else to improve the performance
    public class MyNatureAddingEditorCallback extends NatureAddingEditorCallback {
        private IResourceValidator resourceValidator;
        private MarkerCreator markerCreator;
        private MarkerTypeProvider markerTypeProvider;
        private IssueResolutionProvider issueResolutionProvider;
        public void afterCreatePartControl(XtextEditor editor) {
        private void validate(XtextEditor xtextEditor) {
            if (xtextEditor == null) {
            if (xtextEditor.getInternalSourceViewer() == null) {
            IValidationIssueProcessor issueProcessor;
            IXtextDocument xtextDocument = xtextEditor.getDocument();
            IResource resource = xtextEditor.getResource();
            if(resource != null)
                issueProcessor = new MarkerIssueProcessor(resource, markerCreator, markerTypeProvider);
                issueProcessor = new AnnotationIssueProcessor(xtextDocument, xtextEditor.getInternalSourceViewer().getAnnotationModel(), issueResolutionProvider);
            ValidationJob validationJob = new ValidationJob(resourceValidator, xtextDocument, issueProcessor,
                    CheckMode.ALL); // Consider changing the CheckMode here

See also the corresponding bug report: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=388399

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The workaround seems to be working well, thank you! – Oak Mar 13 '13 at 8:12

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