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Selected values from dropdown are resetting in page submit.here is the code am using

<%=select_tag 'num_id', options_for_select(@numbers.collect{ |t| [t.firstno]}),:prompt => "Select"%>

How can we set the selected value inside a select_tag in ruby on rails.

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you can pass another parameter to options_for_select to set the selected option

<%= select_tag 'num_id', options_for_select(@numbers.map(&:firstno), params[:num_id]), prompt: 'Select' %>
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@ Jvnill Thank You.May god bless –  Psl Mar 12 '13 at 11:32

select_tag selected value -

options_for_select(@options, @selected_val)


 options_for_select(1..8, 5)  # creates options from range 1..8, with 5 as selected by default.
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