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Sorry for stupid question but I dont understand how to use check_box helper in rails. I read the documentation, but did not understand how create ckeckbox in form for user[:role] with params customer and provider(and maybe admin)

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can you include the html form you're expecting? we can convert it to use the rails helpers –  jvnill Mar 12 '13 at 11:38

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The brief of check_box helper see: check_box_tag

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first read and understand the brief Ganesh pointed out. If user can have only one role, you need radio buttons or select list. For multiple roles, you need a Role model and check boxes.

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There is an example. It should works for scaffolded User model with :role atribute.

<% for role in %w(customer provider admin) %>
    <%= check_box_tag "role", role, (params[:role] && params[:role].include?(role)) %>
    <%=h role %>
<% end %>
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