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I have a table with a varchar column and I am using Entity Framework to use this column in the WHERE clause.

Entity Framework generates the query with N'' hence the index on the column cannot be used. Is there a way to force Entity Framework to generate varchar query instead of nvarchar one?

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It actually depends on how you built your EF model, if you're using its Designer you can specify the required data type for each column (in your case simply set varchar and you're done).

If you're using a code-first approach you have to decorate the property that represents that column with the proper attribute (string objects in .NET are always Unicode so it'll map nvarchar by default), just do this (with data annotations, if you're using StringAttribute then se its IsUnicode property to false):

[Column(TypeName = "varchar")]
public string YourColumnName
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In the EDMX I have correctly set type (char) and length (6) for the column. I also added extra metadata class and decorated the property with Column(TypeName = "char")] and StringLength attributes. Yet I see the strange code executing SELECT TOP(2) and varchar(8000) for the parameter. How to fix it? –  Naomi Aug 6 at 20:29
@Naomi not enough details to answer that. Post it as a new question and don't forget to include relevant part in your class declaration and code you execute to produce such SQL! –  Adriano Repetti Aug 6 at 23:42
May be I'll add a new question tomorrow. I actually already asked this question in MSDN social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/vstudio/en-US/… –  Naomi Aug 7 at 3:49

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