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Taking an example of following

<div id="XYZ">
   <div id ="abc"></div>  
   Text 1
   <div id="efg"> Text 2 </div>
   Text 3

How do I retrieve Text 1 and Text 2 using simple HTML DOM Parser.

If I use $text = $domOb->find(div[id=xyz])->plaintext;

Above will give me entire text . This thing I know but i am stuck in how to retrieve specific Text portions.

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<div class="abc"> Text 1 <div class="efg"> Text2 </div> Text 3 </div> – user2140852 Mar 12 '13 at 12:06

The easiest way to work around this is by wrapping the desired text in <span> tags and giving that its own ID. Because span is not a block element it won't disrupt the layout of your HTML page.

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Hi I cannot change the HTML over here. The portions that i have shown here are fixed. Now I am looking for way to retrieve just Text 1 or just Text 3. – user2140852 Mar 12 '13 at 12:13

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