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Sitecore Workbox "preview" uses following code which displays it in a different tab,

 protected void Preview(string id, string language, string version)
        Context.ClientPage.SendMessage((object)this, "item:preview(id=" + id + ",language=" + language + ",version=" + version + ")");

I want it to appear preview in a popup. I have already overridden the workbox and it's jsut a matter of modifying this method. Any ideas how can I change this? I tried different stuff, but nothing worked for me...

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In the App_Config\Commands.config you can find that item:preview maps to Sitecore.Shell.Framework.Commands.PreviewItem class.

You can create your own command basing on the PreviewItem class and use it instead of the item:preview command.

If you reflect the code of PreviewItem class you'll see the Run method which executes

SheerResponse.Eval("window.open('" + (object) webSiteUrl + "', '_blank')");

at the very end of this method. This loads the preview in a new tab. Change this logic to whatever you need in your overriden class.

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Thank you very much for the answer, it was really helpful. Actually I wanted to open up the content editor in a new tab. I have reflected some commands like preview, open and understood what's going on internally.

And I have overridded the "Open" mwthod in the workbox as follows to open the content editor item in the new tab,

UrlString urlString = new UrlString("/sitecore/shell/Applications/Content%20Editor");

        urlString.Append("id", id);
        urlString.Append("vs", version);
        urlString.Append("ro", sectionId);
        urlString.Append("la", language);
        urlString.Append("fo", id);

        SheerResponse.Eval("window.open('" + (object)urlString + "', '_blank')");

It works!!!!! Thanks again.

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