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In the docs for controlp5 it says that a scrollbar will automatically appear when the text exceeds the size of the box, this has not occurred for me, i have also tried .setScrollActive() but still no scroll bar, my code is below, thanks in advance..

  myTextarea = cp5.addTextarea("listoftweets")
//                  .setScrollActive(1)

  myTextarea.setText("Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit."
                      +" Quisque sed velit nec eros scelerisque adipiscing vitae eu sem."
                      +" Quisque malesuada interdum lectus. Pellentesque pellentesque molestie"
                      +" vestibulum. Maecenas ultricies, neque at porttitor lacinia, tellus enim"
                      +" suscipit tortor, ut dapibus orci lorem non ipsum. Mauris ut velit velit."
                      +" Fusce at purus in augue semper tincidunt imperdiet sit amet eros."
                      +" Vestibulum nunc diam, fringilla vitae tristique ut, viverra ut felis."
                      +" Proin aliquet turpis ornare leo aliquam dapibus. Integer dui nisi, condimentum"
                      +" ut sagittis non, fringilla vestibulum sapien. Sed ullamcorper libero et massa"
                      +" congue in facilisis mauris lobortis. Fusce cursus risus sit amet leo imperdiet"
                      +" lacinia faucibus turpis tempus. Pellentesque pellentesque augue sed purus varius"
                      +" sed volutpat dui rhoncus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit"

I also get this warning ...

12-Mar-2013 12:42:16 controlP5.ControlP5 checkName WARNING: Controller with name "/listoftweets" already exists. overwriting reference of existing controller.

however i do not have any other controllers with the same name.

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Reduce your code, and then post a minimal running full sketch. Good chance that during your reduction, you actually find the problem, but if it's still there once you've reduced it to a blank sketch with just that single CP5 controller, happy to help figure it out. – Mike 'Pomax' Kamermans Mar 13 '13 at 12:39

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